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Helping To Support Our Troops In Afghanistan & Iraq

Kabul Time:

This website is dedicated to helping support the troops and their famlies during their deployment. It was orginally created to support my wife and her Army Unit during their 12-month deployment to Iraq. I have met some of them personally before and after they were deployed overseas. I know what is sacrificed, for those that go overseas, and for those that remain at home. It ain't easy. Unless you have gone through it, it may be hard to understand.

What one must remember is that these men and women all have careers and families back home. They are both ordinary and extraordinary. Ordinary because they may be your neighbor down the street - going to work, raising their children, going to ballgames, shopping at the mall. Extraordinary because they have volunteered to wear the military uniform and go into harms way so that all of us back home can continue to enjoy our freedoms and way of life.

Despite our political and other differences regarding the war on terrorism, we are all Americans first. We enjoy freedoms and lifestyles that are only dreamed of elsewhere. It is easy to be an armchair critic while you sip a latte in your SUV. A friend summed it up best:

"Please keep our troops in your thoughts and prayers, please support them with all you have, because as a U.S. citizen, all you have is what they are fighting for."